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Effecting Change through Community Involvement
CRECCOM is a Malawian NGO which is creative catalyst that empowers individuals and mobilizes communities so that they themselves ensure that their development needs are fulfilled.
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Ongoing projects
GESI | Mmudzi Wathu | ComAct | ARISE | GEWE | EGPCPE | EGRA | ACOCA | CLEAR | CBE | TILITONSE | YIA | UNICEF-PROGE | SEGREM | All projects >>
Latest news
New website launched
CRECCOM has today launched its new website. Apart from a new design, among other things it also has a new section called Stories, where we express in an accessible way some of all the stories of people that we meet in our daily field work. Another new feature is the categorizing of projects, aiming to make it easier for readers to see what thematic areas that we are currently working with. (2012-12-06) | All news notices >>
Current partners and donors
Swedish Organisation for Independent Relief | Royal Norwegian Empassy | Oxfam | American Institutes for Research | International Labour Organisation | Japan Tobacco International | Winrock | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation | Save the Children
What we work with
  • In many villages not a single villager has ever been to university... On average there is 80 students per teacher... Some are still illiterate after five years in school... Our work with education >>
  • One out of twenty asked girls had sex for the first time when they were ten years or younger... Only 8 % of girls and 5.6 % of boys says that their or their partner's pregnancy was by choice... Only 4 % of boys and men say that they have been informed on sex by their parents or in school... Our work with gender and reproduction >>
  • More than half of the children are engaged in application of chemicals in agricultural work... More than one third are involved in tobacco work... Our work against child labour >>
  • Our work in other areas >>
How we effect change
Our implementation methods include:
  • STAR-circles
  • Village Savings and Loans
  • Theatre For Development
  • Workshops
  • Theater For Development
  • Radio Listening Clubs
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"Effecting change trough Community Involvement"
Effecting Change through Community Involvement
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